SafeStay Program

for your safety

Since the beginning of the emergency from COVID-19, in the area of the Cinque Terre National Park, there has been no case of coronavirus.
Also our small world, however, has changed and therefore, approaching the opening date of the Hotel, we want to communicate what we have done and we are doing to be ready to welcome you again to Hotel Suisse Bellevue

Once in the Hotel, you will notice a numbers of actions aimed at raising to new standards of rigorous cleaning protocols, focusing on the training of our employees, in collaboration with companies specialized in the health and hospital sector.

The goal we want to achieve with our utmost commitment is twofold:

to ensure our guests an environment in which to enjoy a safe, healthy, relaxing holiday; to ensure that our employees can carry out their work in a safe environment.

You will find hand sanitizing stations installed at hotel entrances, at the front desk, near the elevators, in the common areas, at the entrance of the breakfast room.

The emergency COVID-19 made us all understand the importance of a thorough cleaning of high-touch surfaces. For this reason, you will likely see our team at work to ensure all frequently touched areas—including handles, luggage carts, elevator buttons and more—are disinfected frequently throughout the day using hospital-grade disinfectants in alignment with the national health authorities guidelines.
Furthermore, to facilitate personal distancing we will introduce appropriate signage to allow six feet between you and others, as recommended by the ISS and remove unnecessary furnishings to allow more spaces available to guests.

In order to protect with the utmost commitment the safety and well-being of our guests we have undertaken all the necessary actions as:
specific training of our employees, focused on cleaning of high-touch surfaces: door handles and locks, light switches, telephone, remote control, faucet, alarm clock, tops of the furniture, and other items you may use. use of medical-grade technology, cleaning and disinfectants products; Removal of all marketing materials, pen and paper from guestrooms and non-disposable items from the guest room between each guest.

The hotel has a large indoor lounge: we are therefore able to accommodate our guests even going beyond the six-feet distancing required by the health regulations.

for this year we will doa direct service at the table. You can relax in the heart of the Cinque Terre National Park. We’ll take care of your safety.

Our commitment
for your safety